Photo Galleries: The Hartselle/Cullman Area

CSX train M988 works the local industries in Cullman, AL with a GP40-2/RoadMate for power.

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CSX train Q684 rounds a curve near Culver Rd located in Falkville, AL.

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Here is a work train is tied up in Cullman, AL with a GP40 still in Chessie garb.

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CSX Local M788 from Cullman to Decatur is seen here near Lacon, AL, south of Falkville. This is the site of a future pass track, that my understanding is, will be used to stage pushers to help trains over Sand Mountain between Lacon and Cullman, AL.

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The CSX local freight, M788, works out of Cullman and travels north. It is seen here working in Cullman, AL.

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A local freight working out of Birmingham rolls south through downtown Hanceville, AL just south of Cullman. This unit, still in Guilford gray and orange, appears to be numbered by CSX as a GP39-2.

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CSX empty north bound coal train, E201-30, passes the north end of the passing siding in Hartselle, AL.

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Northbound CSX train R684 heads past the depot in Hartselle, AL on a rainy afternoon.

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North bound CSX freight Q684 rolls through the "High/Wide" defect detector in Falkville, Al, about three miles south of Hartselle.

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North bound CSX train K820-02 rolls through Cullman, AL! Unfortunately this train caught me off guard and I was on the wrong side of the sun when I grabbed this shot.

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CSX Intermodal train R125 rounds a banked curve heading into downtown Hartselle, AL at track speed.

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A Loram Ditcher was working south on CSX when it was seen here in Hartselle, AL. The crew was doing routine maintenance to the unit in preparation for another week of work. The nicely restored Hartselle freight depot is visible in the background.

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Here is a close up of the front of the Loram ditcher in Hartselle, AL. This would be a neat project for the ambitious model railroader to attempt to kit-bash!

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I caught these shots of a Loram ditcher while the unit was tied up in Hartselle, AL for routine maintenance on a Sunday afternoon. Here is the "train" from the rear showing the caboose and a dump hopper.

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Some CSX power rests between jobs in Cullman, AL. This will likely be the power for M788, the Cullman Switcher, that runs north from Cullman to Decatur, AL.

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